Connect, Engage and Inspire

Connect, Engage and Inspire

Connect, Engage and Inspire Connect, Engage and Inspire Connect, Engage and Inspire

The networking platform for the electron beam lithography community

MAEBL 2020 Charter Sponsors

GenISys: the solution provider for BEAMER for EBL data preparation and proximity effect correction.
DisChem is a supplier of DisCharge, a water soluble EBL anti-charging agent.
Allresist are the makers of CSAR62, a substitute for ZEP520A.

Our Vision and Mission



Connection begins in person with an introduction along with a handshake or a "Hello." We are a geographically dispersed community, whose years of collective knowledge and experience in electron beam lithography and nanofabrication are unlocked through simple conversation. MAEBL brings together the brightest minds in electron beam lithography throughout North America. Expand your ideas and your network.



Engagement is how ideas are exchanged freely and questions can be asked openly. Devoid of conference formality such as formal talks of novelty or trade show exhibition, every moment is dedicated to the engagement with familiar faces in the field of e-beam lithography. 



Inspiration is born from community engagement.  MAEBL gives the electron beam lithography community a voice--a chance to connect and learn from one another, promoting innovation of the core patterning science in nanotechnology and nanofabrication.

MAEBL 2020 - California Institute of Technology

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